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Creative Business

10 tips for generating ideas from a Jammy Entrepreneur

June 8, 2011 — by Daryll Scott0

My friend Fraser Doherty has recently released his second book ‘SuperBusiness’.

His first book was a collection of the ‘SuperJam‘ recipes than made him the youngest ever supplier to a major supermarket chain.

Fraser developed a fantastic unique product (jam without sugar) and has an amazing story (starting at 14 years old in his parents kitchen with his gran’s jam recipes and building a worldwide business).

In SuperBusiness he provides 10 really great tips for coming up with your ‘Super Idea’:

  1. Take time out
  2. Pick a theme that interests you
  3. Find as many problems to do with that theme as you can
  4. Take note of everything annoying in your daily life
  5. Be interested in everything – inspiration can come from anywhere
  6. Research your Market and ask questions
  7. Look at boring industries dominated by a few big, old companies
  8. Learn about and visit companies that inspire you
  9. Find out about what’s taking off in other countries
  10. Check out sites like springwise.com to find out about new business ideas

Coming soon – a blog about Fraser’s attitude to branding – it’s inspired!

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