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A pinch of salt

July 4, 2011 — by Daryll Scott1

I read in a not yet published book written by a friend and hero of mine an approach to receiving feedback. He suggested taking the feedback and really exploring it, relax, chew it over, find some benefit, find something to do differently next time, and if after some time the feedback still seems to be a criticism then think, ‘thanks for the feedback, I have thought about it and I have been unable to find it helpful or interesting’. (He didn’t recommend that you say it like that).

Here’s another way to deal with unhelpful feedback that’s a little less direct; I would invite you to experiment with thinking about it like this:

What if 5% of it is true or useful, or maybe the feedback is entirely accurate but only applies to 5% of what you have created. – you become liberated from attributing it to everything and feeling that you have been criticised – and instead you can disregard the feedback as generally unhelpful and go looking for where it is helpful.

it’s not true. It’s not untrue. It’s just a little bit true – go looking for that little bit.

One comment

  • Malc

    July 5, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    I only found this post slightly helpful.


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