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Creative Thinking

Beliefs – do we really need them?

April 23, 2012 — by Daryll Scott0

When I talk about beliefs I’m not referring to the things that we assume to be true so that we can get through our daily lives effectively; I’m talking the things that we are not prepared to question or challenge.

A belief that is held firmly creates a schema and organises our experience – we see the things that reinforce the belief and delete the counter-evidence. So if beliefs are self fulfilling prophecies, are we making our world smaller when we hold a belief firmly? Are we moving even further away from reality? What happens when our belief clashes with reality? Do we get emotive and irrationally defend the belief?

What if we hold beliefs more gently as an operating principle? It’s true enough for now, but I’m happy to question it…  What if we were more curious and open to new ideas that challenge our own beliefs? Does that bring us closer to reality? Does that stop us from getting into a pickle?

However – Complete disbelief can be just as unhelpful…

“I don’t believe it”

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