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Bouncing balls and organic systems

October 3, 2011 — by Daryll Scott0

If you were to observe a proficient footballer doing ‘keep ups’ (juggling the ball with his/her feet and keeping it from making contact with the ground) you may suggest that they have good ‘ball control’ or that they are ‘controlling the ball’ well.

Obviously they are not ‘controlling the ball’. They can’t make it stop in mid-air. They have no control over the ball whatsoever. They have the skill and experience to constantly react to the ball (whatever it does) so precisely that it creates the illusion of control.

So often when we work with an organic system (like a person or a group of people) we attempt to manage or control – but they are far more wildly unpredictable than a ball!

If you want to be influential I would recommend that you let go of ‘control’. It’s not possible anyway.

You can influence, provoke or seduce – but you cannot control.

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