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YOUR last chance to learn NLP with Olympic Medalist Leon Taylor and NLP Developer Daryll Scott

Monday 3rd – Saturday 8th October – 9am-6pm – Woking, Surrey.

If you thought you would do it one day – this is the day…

NLP has been steadily growing since the 1970s and is based on a methodology that is used to capture and describe what makes the difference between a top performer and an average performer in the same field.

The ‘patterns’ of NLP that have been captured over the years from studying outliers and geniuses are what is typically covered on an NLP training course at Practitioner level, and have filtered into all kinds of activities including leadership development, education, media and healthcare.

This programme covers the patterns of NLP but focusses on the most recent developments in the field (New Code NLP).

  • Learn the patterns of genius
  • Enhance your performance in any or every area of your life
  • Provide yourself with a ‘users manual’ for your human nervous system
  • Communicate more influentially and improve relationships

Our Promise:

When you choose to embark upon your NLP journey with Daryll & Leon, we promise…

  • You will have your every question answered one way or another
  • You will get an up-to-date, cutting-edge experience of NLP
  • You will be able to use what you learn in your real life

Daryll Scott has managed something startling to me – in a strong clear voice, he has developed a description of the New Code NLP patterning that he has worked diligently to master.

Dr. John Grinder

Co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Creator of New Code NLP – Bonny Doon, California, 2007

Learn how to observe and communicate with precision:

The first part of the programme is designed to train you observations and awareness when interacting with others:

  • Read body language
  • Become a great listener
  • Hear what people are really saying or what are they NOT saying.
  • Cut to the chase without jumping to conclusions
  • Negotiate any interaction brilliantly

This NLP Practitioner Course has had the single biggest impact on my success both in the work environment and personally than any other course I have completed.  I would urge anyone who works with people to attend this course… it will be challenging, mind boggling but above all else fun and relevant to every aspect of your life.  Gemma Bailey

What Daryll Scott offers is an in depth journey into the theoretical & practical aspects of NLP. By putting the delegate experience at the heart of the course, Daryll delivers an intimate, engaging & enjoyable experience. I took away many huge learns about myself & my organisation, and tools to help me & others make positive changes to all aspects of our work & life. I urge you to go on this course.  David Barwick

Discover what makes us ‘tick’

This module is like the users manual for the human nervous system. By the end of the three days you will have a new awareness of how people do what they do and some magical methods to helpfully influence others:

  • Observe how people process their worlds differently
  • Learn how to hypnotize, change perceptions, cure phobias and break habits
  • Unlock your creative states of mind

Daryll Scott is THE black belt master of NLP Kung Fu.  If you want to explore NLP, you have found the guide you were looking for… bring both your ears.  Toby Treacher

Rarely have I experienced such a short period of time as such a catalyst for so much change. I’m indebted to Daryll Scott for opening my senses to a whole new way of interpreting my world and for making an impact on it. It was simply awesome.  Tim Kiy

Become an ‘Agent of Change’

As you will see from the testimonials, this programme is focused on people really being able to do it.

The main priority is ensuring that the programme has met the outcomes that were on your ‘wish list’ at the start and that you feel confident applying your NLP skills in your everyday life.

  • Learn the latest NLP high-performance coaching techniques
  • Learn how to make dramatic changes quickly
  • Learn how to coach in real-life situations
  • Demonstrate your new ability under observation

Having been through NLP courses with two different trainers, I would have one major point to share: Getting a certificate is one thing, but gaining real understanding is another. I found Daryll to be much more focused on the latter, which for me, was ultimately much more beneficial when it comes to life experience. From where I was then, to where I am now has been one hell of a journey in all aspects of my life.  Craig Killick

“Learning NLP should be about practical application, useful tools to take into your everyday life. This course provides exactly that, you learn what NLP is and how to apply it. It opened my eyes to a whole new world.  Chris Whipp

The Business Case

You may be hoping that your business will fund your NLP experience, or curious about how becoming an NLP practitioner will impact your career. Most people involved in personal development are aware that NLP can deliver life-changing communication skills. Gravitas, influence and personal impact are the result of behavioural communication skills, and they can be learnt. This NLP practitioner course is a giant leap toward recognising the difference that makes the difference in human interaction and flexing your personal style to develop ‘Jedi-like’ skills in business.  What will we cover? Specific Business Related Skills Are:

  • Connecting with people – use body language to manage attention and meaning in any interaction
  • Investigative listening skills – listen impartially and question with precision
  • Influential speaking skills – construct influential messages and deliver compelling presentations
  • Self application – taking control of your own ‘state’ to perform at your best
  • Coaching – effect immediate, positive behavioural change in others

Examples of contexts for application are: Networking, presentations, public speaking, negotiations, pitching, selling, delivering feedback, resolving conflict & leading people through change.

The Investment:

The corporate rate for Practitioner Certification is £3,000 plus VAT

Discounts are available for some self-funded individuals – please enquire.

For more information please email Daryll directly:  ds@daryllscott.com