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Creative Business

Decision Making & Complexity

May 30, 2011 — by Daryll Scott0

I’m often asked what I think about ‘decision making in a time of complexity’. I find it an odd question. Decisions are as complex as you make them. It depends on how many perspectives do you take, how much data you chuck in, how long you open it up for debate and how many opinions you invite.

If you read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell you may become aware how quickly your unconscious mind makes snap decisions that are complex and take into account a huge number of factors. The conscious mind catches up much later.

We often make a decision, and then spend ages gathering enough information to create a coherent story that justifies the decision we have already made or get others to buy into it.

You can analyse and debate any decision indefinitely under the delusion that you will eventually come to the right answer. There are no right or wrong answers, there are just answers, and the one you come up with in the first 24 hours is often as good as (or the same as) the one that emerges after many more days of debate.

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