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Creative Business

Great for the Spreadsheets, not for the Bed Sheets

May 23, 2011 — by Daryll Scott0

One of the biggest challenges that we currently face in organisations is our addiction to huge volumes of explicit information that none of us have time to properly digest.

This type of information may be clear and informative, but it never turns us on – it’s not very influential, it never captures hearts and minds, it can’t communicate the emotive stuff or the clear visionary stuff that influences behaviour and gets everyone moving together.

If we want to interact effectively, we need to have a strong feeling for intentions, attitudes, values, the spirit of it! You can’t communicate this stuff by relaying facts and figures. It’s organic – you need to do something real, and irrefutable; you need to show your conviction by making an observable gesture;  you need to start creating experiences so that people can see, hear, feel, smell and taste!

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