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Creative Thinking

I will be Okay when…

September 5, 2011 — by Daryll Scott0

Oh dear; I’m sorry to point this out, but If you are not okay now, you are not okay.

Get creative and deal with it now! Mix it up! Change stuff!  Why postpone dealing with it until some future date when things may or may not be different? (Most likely they will not).

I’ll be all set when I get that qualification, then becomes I’ll be okay when I get that job/promotion, then I’ll be okay when I get the relationship I want, I’ll be okay when we move house, I’ll be okay when we have kids, I’ll be okay when the kids are at school, I’ll be okay when we have a bit more in the bank, I’ll be okay when we have a decent pension, I’ll be ok when I retire…… oh shit, game over.

Please find ways to be okay now.

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