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Creative Business

Lessons from Science fiction

May 11, 2013 — by Daryll Scott0

I love sci-fi – It’s our equivalent of the ancient myths. It’s a metaphoric vehicle to make philosophical observations about the world we live in. Many of the popular sci-fi stories from the past few decades have a common theme…

The robots are taking over!

The matrix; The Terminator; I Robot; 2001 A Space Odyssey; In all cases the machines that were developed to serve us then overthrow and control us.

The machine revolution has happened…

But it doesn’t look like this…     It looks like this

Not so much like Arnie… More like Bill…

Have you or someone you know created a slide deck to be a coherent read for the people that don’t turn up, and then read it out to the people who do. Who’s running the presentation; you or the deck?

Have you ever showed up to a meeting or event that ‘appeared’ in your calendar?

Have you ever lost precious time because you were responding in a timely fashion to a landslide of email?

Who’s in charge?

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