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Managing things

September 19, 2011 — by Daryll Scott0

Have you ever noticed that whenever you think about about ‘managing relationships’ you never really have them? Maybe you do on a surface level, but not many on a deep, open, effortless level. Your really great relationships probably don’t need any managing.

Relationships are not things, they are a collection of experiences, and if you think of them as things to be managed you are dissociating from the experience; like hosting a party and not being at the party.

Similarly, ‘Managing change’ is surely a constant necessity – how exhausting! How about creating the conditions so that you don’t need to manage change because it’s just what happens around here and it’s embraced?

‘Managing stress’ seems like a crazy idea. Stress is not a thing it’s a bio-chemical process. Don’t learn to manage it – learn do something else instead! (I know that sounds silly and flippant, but really, it is possible to condition yourself to have more unconscious choice of responses – different bio-chemical reactions).

To be creative: Be in the moment, having the relationship and fully engaged in the experience with a choice of responses – rather than being stuck with only one response and ‘managing’.

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