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More of what you DO want not less of what you DON’T

July 18, 2011 — by Daryll Scott0

I have said on previous blogs, often feedback will be more about the  person giving it than the person receiving it, and sometimes their underlying concerns may be very different to yours.

I find it challenging when my objective is getting a fantastic result, but the objective of the person I’m working for is to play it safe, not risk offense, not to break from what’s comfortable and expected. When I receive comments from them they make no sense at all, until the penny drops and I realise that doing a great job is not number one on their agenda. (Sometimes it seems like it’s not even in the top ten!)

If all feedback on creative work were courageous and inductive – what can we add, ‘what is working, how do we make it even better?’ Rather than fearful and deductive – what can we remove, what’s not working, how do we stop it being wrong?’ then feedback would always be gold dust and managing it would be effortless.

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