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Other people’s expectations

November 12, 2014 — by Daryll Scott0

I have a meeting this week with a large publishing company who are interested in my new book. I find myself wondering if my style of writing will be okay for them.

You may have noticed, I tend to write in the first person (because I think it’s engaging) and use my personal experience to describe processes (because, when you think about it, what else do I have?)

Also I’m neither well-researched enough nor detached enough do it any other way.

So I find myself wondering if I should change my style and write more impartially. Should I do it my way and do it well, or should I write in a way that I think is expected of me and maybe mess it up?

Many of my clients seem to wrestle with a version of this problem – shall I be a 10/10 version of myself, or a 7/10 version of the person that I think they may want me to be?

I know that if I go for the 10/10, whatever the outcome, I won’t feel conflicted or compromised and the feedback I get will be useful.

So I suppose I have answered my own question… I hope it resonated with you.

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