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Creative Thinking

Sceptics, Cynics and fools!!!

June 20, 2011 — by Daryll Scott0

On the first hot sunny day of the year, three boys arrive at an open air swimming pool:

The first boy immediately runs and jumps in feet first.

The second approached the edge and dips a toe to test the temperature.

The third decides it will be too cold and does not approach the pool.

The third is cynical, the second is sceptical, the first is foolish.

It may be crazy to be foolish (it’s also fun), but the most idiotic of the three is the cynic – they are basing their evaluation purely on expectation and not on experience.

Sometimes, when people say they are sceptical, they are really being cynical.

If you want to be effective, There is one criterion to evaluate everything – ‘What are the consequences?’  You can only make this evaluation when you have experimented and experienced.

Sometimes we attempt to evaluate what the consequence will be without the experience – we are guessing, how could we possibly know?

This type of reasoning does have it’s place – if I jump of a tall building I will get squashed – we don’t need to experience that! But for the most part, making decisions in advanced is closed-minded and will not lead us to discover anything.

Go on, dip a toe.

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