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DS300Daryll Scott on NLP

Never the same speech twice

This improvised speech utilises questions and heckles from the audience to fuel a high energy 45 minutes of stories and demonstrations.

Whatever your question; What is NLP? How do we make decisions? What’s the difference between our conscious and unconscious thought processes? Can you tell if someone is lying? What’s the best way to read body language? How can you make changes to energy levels, stress, depression? How can you get into the zone? How can you be more mindful? Does hypnosis really work? What are confidence/influence/gravitas/resilience/motivation and how can I get more of them?


The keynote speech

We all know that attitude makes the biggest difference when it comes to performance – but what attitude?

What do high performers do that average performers don’t? How do high performers respond differently to external events?

In this lively and practical speech you will discover the mindset of a high performer, and you will never think the same way about your performance again.