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Creative Metaphor

The Crux Move

September 5, 2012 — by Daryll Scott0

My friends Mike Weeks and John Grinder spend a great deal of time rock climbing. They describe a move they call ‘the crux move’; when you need to let go of the hold you have on the mountainside and fully commit to the hold you are reaching for. There is a moment where you have let go of your hold completely but have not yet reached the new hold, and there’s no going back.

My friend Jeff Grout, in his extremely popular leadership speech and seminar, asks his audience, (indirectly, via a quote) “Are you prepared to de-stabilise what you have to achieve what you desire?”

A question that I find myself asking frequently in coaching is “What prevents you?” The answer is typically a process (state), the consequence of which is to hold on to a previous success or identity or comfort.

What do you personally need to think and feel to let go and fearlessly reach for what you really want???

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