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The perfect ingredients for an average event

October 26, 2014 — by Daryll Scott0

If average is what you are all about, simply follow this tried and tested method:

  1. Book a safe, swanky venue with the intention of impressing your guests
  2. Invite your guests with a credible, professional communication
  3. On arrival, greet your guests, and serve them drinks and nibbles
  4. Politely usher them in to the main event (a round table with a predictable topic imposed, or a presentation all about you and not about them)
  5. Thank them for coming

If you want to get the full, engaged attention of your audience, create a real connection with them and influence their behaviour after the event, it may be worth questioning the ‘no surprises’ formula above.

Last week I attended a round-table dinner with no agenda or topic. The tangents of conversation were a delight.

Last month I worked with a digital agency to create an event that confuses and amuses the audience from the first moment – they were captivated.

If you are going to go to the trouble and expense of creating an event – make it an engaging, memorable and influential experience.

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