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Creative Business

What’s the opposite of creative?

June 22, 2011 — by Daryll Scott0

When I think of the inter-personal dynamics that fuel creative environments, and the opposite behaviour that snubs out any trace of creative thinking I get something like this:

Creative  /  The opposite of Creative

Supportive; “Every contribution is valid.”  /  Critical; “That’s wrong!”

Adventurous; “Go for it!”  /  Fearful; “Don’t screw up!”

Experimental; “What if?”  /  Closed minded; “Stick to the done thing.”

Inclusive; “The more the merrier” / Elitist and hierarchical; “They don’t need to know.”

Open; “Get it all out on the table.”  /      Cagey; “Play you cards close to your chest.”

When you look all of the hideous creativity killers, they are a pretty good description of a political environment, and sadly they are examples of behaviour that is often rewarded in middle management; but that’s another story.

…So what’s the opposite of creative?

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