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When will it be done?

May 2, 2013 — by Daryll Scott1

When will I be fit so that I can stop going to the gym?

When will I have learnt enough so I can stop learning?

When will the values be embedded so we can move on to the next thing?

When will the change be implemented so that we can ignore it?

When will we have marketed enough to stop marketing?

When will I have enough sales to stop selling?

When will we have been creative enough to never be creative again?

When will I have enough oxygen so that I can stop breathing?


You can’t store fitness, trust or goodwill.

If it’s not something you need to do constantly, it’s probably not worth doing at all…

One comment

  • Max

    May 3, 2013 at 1:23 pm

    When will I retire? If its your passion, why would you EVER? (Tight rope walking possibly being the exception mind you).

    Are we nearly there yet? So when do you actually arrive on your holiday and is that a place or a state of mind? I love to drive the first leg of your journeys to Wales because I am definitely already on holiday – my mind has ventured into new space, my focus and pace have shifted and even jam (traffic) gives me drifting time! Definitely no point in being angry or frustrated on holiday – what’s the use of that?


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