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Creative MetaphorCreative Thinking

Will Power & Self Control

June 4, 2011 — by Daryll Scott0

When I train people to be agents of change (so that they can increase flexibility and choice in their clients, helping them to break habits and evoke their creative processes) I ask my students to completely ignore the conscious dialogue other that picking up on metaphors and the individual words that carry extra emphasis or are accompanied by physical gestures.

It’s the thing that most people find difficult thing to accept – that your conscious reasoning does not create options or even make choices. That there is no such thing as will power – and our choices (our free will) is an unconscious process; by the time we make the conscious decision it’s already destined to happen.

In most everyday activities, think of you conscious dialogue as a commentator, a voice in your head that explains and makes sense of what has already happened, or what you have already decided…

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