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Creative Thinking

Work/Life Balance

March 15, 2012 — by Daryll Scott1

This is a silly expression. In order to create this conflict (between work and life) you need to make work and life mutually exclusive.

Work is a big chunk of your life, if you are not seeing it that way you could be compromising yourself by spending most of your time doing something you don’t like. The hours at work really add up, and if we consider them to be not life and delete them we don’t have much life left over.

You’ve probably developed relationships at work that are genuine friendships, you may continue to see them for years even if you move company. Many people meet their life partners at work (and their business partners through their social life).

The use of social media in business is creating a culture where the individuals are the brand, not the business. We are getting great results from personal, informal, transparent messages and networking individual to individual. The less difference between the ‘work you’ and the ‘life you’ the less conflict you will feel and the more effective your communication will be.

Next time someone talks about the challenge of X/Y balance, question whether these two things are really an either/or.

Whenever anyone talks about mind/body, I’m tempted to ask them how the decapitation happened???

One comment

  • Caroline Johnson

    February 16, 2013 at 10:38 pm

    Hello Daryll – Long time no hear!

    Y’know, way back in the dark ages I used to have a professional self and a private self. Now I’m just me – like it or leave it – and I’ve never been happier!

    I was at a veterinary Congress a few weeks ago; at the last moment I went solo ( Jeremy’s Dad sadly died the night before) and I discovered that partying hard after a challenging days work, knocked spots off crying my eyes out. Anyone looking at me dancing would never have guessed what else was going on in my life (the bereavement was just one of my personal challenges).

    It’s all about me (thank you Ben), it’s all about the choices you make….and life for me is all about continual growth and development and being a whole person. Thanks for your contribution to all of that! XXX


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